Why build a Chicken Coop?

How do i build a chicken coop ?

This was a question that i wasnt planning on asking but had to ask myself after sitting down playing with my kids one afternoon

Something not to say to your kids

I joking said to my 4 and 7 year old messing around as they were making animal noises wouldnt it be great to have some chickens ? we can feed then the scraps and play with them and then they will lay us some eggs for us to eat and it will give our dog someone to play with in the backyard when we are at work and school, how cool would that be i said jokingly. I thougth it was a hilarious idea untill my kids faces lit up and they started dancing and cheering were getting some chickens were getting some chickens !!! Oh what have i done

This is when my wife walks up and asks what is going on. ” dad said we can get some chickens to lay some eggs for us to eat so we can have omlets for breakfast” Oh really was all she said.

Time makes kids forget?

We quickly tried to change the subject and move along to the next topic which seemed to work really well, untill they were speaking to their nan about 3 hour later and informed her we were getting chickens !!! Oh no this is looking serious i said to my wife

We waited for a week or two and time passed and the mention of chickens became less and less untill we thought the idea had passed, by this stage i liked the idea but wasnt big one the priority list a front yard shoudl come first. We visited some freinds that week and guess what they had in their backyard, you guessed it about 6 chooks. Chickens everywhere and the kids loved it.

This is when it all began, i started to realise i was going to have to build a chicken coop whether my wife or i liked the idea the chickens were coming and i was going to have to build a chicken coop

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