What chicken is best or kids?

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So now the chicken decission has been made while i look for coop plans and ideas  I needed to work out where to buy some chooks and then which chicken is best for kids?

I didn’t realise there was so many types of chickens to choose from there is Australorps, light sussex, Rhode Island Reds, leghorns, Silkie, Laced Barnevelder, Wyandotte, bantams, isa browns  and they are just the ones my freiends either curently have or have had before.

One friend finaly made a comment that made perfect sense, what do you want them for pets or eggs and do you want the kids to play with the chickens ?

And the answer was yes to all fo the above yes we wanted chickens as pets, and yes we wanted eggs as there is no point having chickens if they wont give us enough eggs and the kids will want to play with and im sure the dog will to !!!

SO i have asked some freinds what they think is best and am waiting on the answer from a few more but it looks like isa browns or bantoms mabyee i could get some of each :-)

I will keep you posted

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