Straw or pine wood \ shavings

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After a few weeks of solid rain my chicken coop is not looking the best or smelling the best I have changed the straw and put down some lime to help the soil which has fixe dit but it is still very wet under foot in that area of the yard

So I decided to try something a different, I had been doing a bit of research and tried wood / pine shavings to line the nest and chicken coop

It seems to have made a big difference and it doesn’t root when it gets wet so we will see how the chickens like it.

They have made their nest and kicked it aroudn and seem to love it so only time will tell to see if I go back to the straw/hay

The wife and kids like it as it smells a bit like a pine forest at the moment. I will put and update up in a  few weeks and see how it goes

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