Garlic the natural chicken medicine

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While having a few drinks with a friend we got to discussing keeping chickens and he informs me that his wife is a chook finatic and he says all he knows is every two weeks or so he has to throw a few cloves of crushed garlic into their water.

So I looked into it over the next few days I was a skeptic and when I see claims that garlic fed to chickens daily acts as a dewormer, an immune system builder, increases respiratory health, repels external parasites and reduces the stink of chicken poop, I think: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So I did some more digging and now I’m adding garlic to the water every few weeks, and all the information I can find says the same thing it does all the things it claims to.

Garlic has been used in medicine for thousands of years and everyone swears by it, it looks like its the same for chickens

I crush two cloves and put it in the water for 3 days and then take swap it all out, to boost immunity which as everyone knows helps fight and fend off every disease and parasite in most animals, mamals and chickens

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