Adding the chicken coop nesting areas and starting a few walls

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The roof was on and now it was time to spend some time setting up the nesting area to keep the chickens warm and dry.
I had a site supervisor to help me out, so i handed over the chicken coop plans to him and asked him to do it while i was out but not much happened, i think he thinks the chicken coop is his new house

The site manager hard at work on the chicken coop

The site manager hard at work on the chicken coop if only he knew what was coming

I added the supports for the floor and then added some timber onto the floor .

I then added a back wall to the hicken coop’s nesting area and then realised i was running out of time and running out of materials

Here are some pictiures of wher the chicken coop is up to now

The floor and wall going in

The floor and wall going onto the chicken coop

Chicken coop wall is going in

Chicken coop wall and floor is going in

The chicken coop plans are coming together

THe chicken coop plans are coming together

When I have some more time I will get some more done and post it up here

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Adding the Roof to the Chicken Coop

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As I mentioned earlier i managed to source a few sheets of colour bond roofing form the mother in laws house to add to the building a chicken coop materials supply. And it was time to follow the chicken coop plans and throw the roof sheets on.

There is a house getting build next door and they have just finished putting the roof on and they had a roll of roof insulation left over so i grabbed a few meters of it for the chicken coop as it can get hot in summer.

The roof went on with the help of my daughter passing me the screws so i in her words I could get the roof on the chicken coop so we can keep the chickens dry they are getting closer

I managed to score some spare time to get the roof on the chicken coop and here are the pictures of the chock pen so far

The chicken coop roof going on

The chicken coop roof going on with the insulation underneath

Close up of the roofing going on the chicken coop

Close up of the roofing going on the chicken coop

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Adding the wire to the chicken coop

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I have the frame of the chicken coop done and the best part is it fits into the area i had planned so my maths was fight on.

The fun part now is attaching all the wire, because bigger is better and i have over sized my chicken coop it was time to wire it which was the part i had given the least thought to !!

I used small square wire to protect the chickens in the chicken house.

I started addign the wire and soon realiesed it was goign to take me a bit longer than i had planned ! but i persisited and got mos to fit done in the time i had

Here a re a few pics of the chicken coop in its current state

chicken coop wired

chicken coop wired on a few sides and the bottom

Chicken coop standing on its end

Chicken coop standing on its end while i wire the botom to keep the dog out

The chickens house is getting there slowly but once again not quick enough for the kids, can we get the chickens now dad its almost ready ?

ps happy birthday queen thansk for the day of !! a public holiday for a birthday goto love it

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Chicken coop time on the queens birthday weekend

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The queens birthday long weekend gives me a great chance to start this DIY project to build the chicken coop.
The chicken coop plans are all done its now time to start to put it all together.
I lay out all the materials i have and get the circular saw and all the other tools i need out.
My Son decides he wants to help so i give him a few small tasks to do while i cut the lengths i need, while im doing that he asks, when can we get the chickens can we get them today ! I explain that we cant get the chickens today as we have to use the plans that we have to build the chicken hutch before we can buy the chickens, where will they sleep i ask him? He offered his room but i convinced him that wouldn’t be a good idea

The timber lengths were cut and I start to do a heap of mitre cuts so we can join the chicken coop floor and walls together. I give my 7 year old a hammer and a chisel and show him how to clean out the cuts, he does it with ease this is going to be good

Between the two of us we manage to follow the chicken coop plans and get to the stage we need to put it all together so i pull out some screw and some trusty liquid nails for extra support and we are ready to go

After about an hour we get it all glued and screwed and decide that is enough for the day, then the kids stand back looka t it and say can we buy the chickens yet ? Ahh the kids are still chicken crazy

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Checking out some mates chicken coop set ups

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Over the last week i have decided to looka t a few mates who have chciken coops set up so see how they house their chickens.
First stop was a few days ago i went to see a friend who lives on 5 acres, driving int he drive way there was chickens walking everywhere, for theirs they have built a lean to ont he side of their shed it is huge, actually huge is an understatement, it houses 20+ isa browns and a few bantams but it is a bit big for my liking, a great setup but just that bit to big. it was a basic set up colour bond roof with a few nesting boxes bolted on the back of it.
Yesterday i went to a mates house to see his his chook house set up, the kids were running around not realising the had chickens until one jumped down off the picket fence and scarred the kids. they are now back on the we want chicken campaign so i really have to get my act into gear now
They have a metal shed type at oen end of the yard but they also had one of the new ebay ones at the other end, it was their newest editon to the back yard. I looked it over to see how the ebay one stands up, it was ok but the biggest issue was the size it was pretty small and thats what the ebay sellers recommend for 4 chooks, i would have only put 1 chicken in there or maybe 2 bantams it was pretty small.

So now that i have worked out the ebay ones arent going to suit its back to researching the best way to house the chickens so i can build a chicken coop

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I am still buildign a chicken coop

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Sorry i have been tied up with other things I will post soon to let you know how i am progressing, but never fear the kids and still on my back every few days to build the chicken coop so they can buy some chooks to go in the backyard

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What chicken is best or kids?

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So now the chicken decission has been made while i look for coop plans and ideas  I needed to work out where to buy some chooks and then which chicken is best for kids?

I didn’t realise there was so many types of chickens to choose from there is Australorps, light sussex, Rhode Island Reds, leghorns, Silkie, Laced Barnevelder, Wyandotte, bantams, isa browns  and they are just the ones my freiends either curently have or have had before.

One friend finaly made a comment that made perfect sense, what do you want them for pets or eggs and do you want the kids to play with the chickens ?

And the answer was yes to all fo the above yes we wanted chickens as pets, and yes we wanted eggs as there is no point having chickens if they wont give us enough eggs and the kids will want to play with and im sure the dog will to !!!

SO i have asked some freinds what they think is best and am waiting on the answer from a few more but it looks like isa browns or bantoms mabyee i could get some of each :-)

I will keep you posted

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Do i build a chicken coop ?

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After working out many sizes shapes and working how i could rearranging almost everything in the backyard i have come to the conclusion I have to build a chicken coop.

The ones that can be brought mainly off ebay are either to big or to small or to wide, so i have admitted defeat and now it is time to begin the process of building the chicken coop. I have spoken to the chicken kids and told them its going to be a bit longer before we get the chickens as we now have to build a coop/ house  for the chickens, and they need to help so that their chickens are comfortable

The search begins for plans ideas and any other piece of information i can find on how do i build a chicken coop?

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Kids have gone chicken Crazy

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Wow i thought they woudl have relaxed by now but no !!

After lots of bidding and missing on ebay i came to the concludion just buy one !!!

I got the spray can out and marked out the possition down the side of the house, asked the wife to come out and have a look and she says yet thats fine, but then we asked the question is it big enough, do we want these chooks to be cramped, do we want unhappy chickens and the answer was no! so i scrubbed out the painted lines and went back to the drawing board, or back to ebay there was some cool looking ones but non that fited into the area we had that would allow us to walk past, this was an issue.  I had kids that wanted chickens, i had a space to put them but no idea how i was goign to house them!

I ran into a friend a tthe nursery who made another point, i made sure the kids werent around before i let him talk about them. He mentioned he had some chickens and he had brought a coop off ebay and that it was Ok but it had a few issues like not being able to get in a clean it and if it was a bit bigger it would be better.

So what do i do ? do i just buy one or do i think about building it and if i do where do i get chicken coop plans or ideas from ? what do i do ?

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Does chicken coop size matter ?

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It has been a few weeks and I had the location down the side of the house and i had my measurements from ebay and all was looking great.

It was just down to which ebay seller to get it off and how much the postage was going to be.

I had it down to two different sellers one was cheaper with higher postage and the other was dearer with free pickup !! and i have a mate who works about 10 minutes from where it could be picked up from so it was all falling into place.

I made a few bids on a few trying to get  a steal but it didnt work out for me someone was outbbidding me every time.

Then i was having a drink with a mate and he asked another question infront of the kids so “how many chooks are you going to get ? ” I hadnt given it much thought but couldnt imagine more than 2, but all of a sudden the kids answered before i got a chance, HEAPS came out to my serprise and the the amusment of everyone else. So i asked how many is heaps and the 4 year old said one for mum, one for dad, one for me and one for my brother Oh and one for the dog. Thats 5 chickens.

So my idea of 2 chooks was now out the window but there was some method in here thinking, 1 chook means hopefully 1 egg per day, that means i can have an omlet every day woohhoooo this idea is sounding better every day, now i just have to find some recepies the use eggs.

Now we were looking at 4-5 chooks i had to really think about how big it needed to be.

So back to ebay to look at how many chickens these coops hold

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