Chickens seem to have lice or mites

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We have come back from a few days away and gone in to clean out the chicken coop and the chickens didnt look to happy

After a closer inspection I have noticed a few small black dots running around on the chickens and in the droppings tray under the perch.

Apparently we have has some rain some heat and humid conditions looks like it must have been the perfect conditions so now we have the beginnings of an infestation of some sort

I have checked the dogs and they are fine no worries at all so it is confined to the chicken coop.

After  a quick trip up to the local rural supply shop  i have grabbed some pestine.

This stuff is great I have dusted the girls, not that they were to happy with that and have sprinkled it around the coop, The best words of advise i got from an old guy i chatted to a while ago if you spread it through  the hay/shavings in the nesting box when the chickens kick and shuffle it around they will help cover themselves with the pestine which will make sure the pests be it lice or mites are all gone and stay that way.

I didn’t work out if they were mites or lice or what the difference is between the two but the best part is this stuff works a treat

I also gave the dogs a shake as well just to be sure as we dont want them having those annoying things.

I did a big change of bedding and nest boxes at the start and also shook a bit of pestine around the lid of the bin and around the ground to make sure if there was any still around they could make a comeback

Straw or pine wood \ shavings

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After a few weeks of solid rain my chicken coop is not looking the best or smelling the best I have changed the straw and put down some lime to help the soil which has fixe dit but it is still very wet under foot in that area of the yard

So I decided to try something a different, I had been doing a bit of research and tried wood / pine shavings to line the nest and chicken coop

It seems to have made a big difference and it doesn’t root when it gets wet so we will see how the chickens like it.

They have made their nest and kicked it aroudn and seem to love it so only time will tell to see if I go back to the straw/hay

The wife and kids like it as it smells a bit like a pine forest at the moment. I will put and update up in a  few weeks and see how it goes

Found where to buy chickens in geelong area

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After much search of papers Google-ing   and speaking to lots of people, I have found the place to buy chickens in the geelong area.

There is lots of opinions and lots of thoughts but i found Martin out on Barwon Heads road to have a full range of chickens with different types, sizes breeds and ages along with every other animal, sheep, mini goats rabbits, guinea pigs, piglets you name it its there the kids had a ball

I have opted not to go for the just hatched chicks as we are going away for a long weekend but we will pick up some 5 week old chicks when we return

My chicken coop supplies are raided

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The rabbit need a home and quickly so the materials i had gathered to build the chicken coop got raided
I had to use some of the timber and some of the wire, oh and the hinges i had planned to use for the door
I spent a few hours building the hutch and it seems to have worked out well, the wife is happy the kids are over the moon and the dog, well I’m not sure what is going through his head but most of all the Rabbit is loving running and jumping around and teasing the dog
here is the finished product one very happy rabbit

the rabbit the hutch and the dog

The Dog lookigna fter the rabbit in its new home

Ebay here we come, this will save time and materials ?

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As mentioned the new addition (the rabbit) needs a home and has taken priority over the chicken coop !!
I headed to ebay for the rabbit hutch to save me time and effort and so we could get the rabbit into his home as soon as possible
There is many types of hutches on ebay for rabbits and other various furry creatures
I wrote down the dimensions and then tried to work out where it should go, but the decision was made it should go near where the kids play!!
And you guessed it none of the ebays hutches will fit into the area so here we go again time to build a rabbit hutch

A small fluffy project puts the chicken coop on hold for a week

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The wife and kids normally have an impact on what gets done around the house, but this week more than normal.
The family was off to pick up a family member friend from the airport and as expected the flight was delayed significantly. so instead of paying the large parking fees we decided to go to the local shopping center instead , in hindsight we should have stayed at the airport.
On entering the kids found a pet store and as always we went in to take a look at the fish, puppies and all the other cute cuddly furry critters
But this time there was a difference the rabbits attracted the kids attention and my wifes, one in particular and i thought Oh no what is going to happen here

So with some quick thinking i diverted the attention of the family from the rabbit to food court for some donughts !! but not good enough, we now have a cute pet rabbit that needs a home built.
Luckily we have owned a rabbit before we had the kids so there isn’t as much research needed to get a hutch

So out with the chicken coop plans and in with the rather urgent need to buld a rabbit hutch and fast.

We set up a temporary home in the laundry while i get into action

I am still buildign a chicken coop

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Sorry i have been tied up with other things I will post soon to let you know how i am progressing, but never fear the kids and still on my back every few days to build the chicken coop so they can buy some chooks to go in the backyard

Plans to build a chicken coop