Garlic the natural chicken medicine

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While having a few drinks with a friend we got to discussing keeping chickens and he informs me that his wife is a chook finatic and he says all he knows is every two weeks or so he has to throw a few cloves of crushed garlic into their water.

So I looked into it over the next few days I was a skeptic and when I see claims that garlic fed to chickens daily acts as a dewormer, an immune system builder, increases respiratory health, repels external parasites and reduces the stink of chicken poop, I think: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So I did some more digging and now I’m adding garlic to the water every few weeks, and all the information I can find says the same thing it does all the things it claims to.

Garlic has been used in medicine for thousands of years and everyone swears by it, it looks like its the same for chickens

I crush two cloves and put it in the water for 3 days and then take swap it all out, to boost immunity which as everyone knows helps fight and fend off every disease and parasite in most animals, mamals and chickens

Chickens seem to have lice or mites

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We have come back from a few days away and gone in to clean out the chicken coop and the chickens didnt look to happy

After a closer inspection I have noticed a few small black dots running around on the chickens and in the droppings tray under the perch.

Apparently we have has some rain some heat and humid conditions looks like it must have been the perfect conditions so now we have the beginnings of an infestation of some sort

I have checked the dogs and they are fine no worries at all so it is confined to the chicken coop.

After  a quick trip up to the local rural supply shop  i have grabbed some pestine.

This stuff is great I have dusted the girls, not that they were to happy with that and have sprinkled it around the coop, The best words of advise i got from an old guy i chatted to a while ago if you spread it through  the hay/shavings in the nesting box when the chickens kick and shuffle it around they will help cover themselves with the pestine which will make sure the pests be it lice or mites are all gone and stay that way.

I didn’t work out if they were mites or lice or what the difference is between the two but the best part is this stuff works a treat

I also gave the dogs a shake as well just to be sure as we dont want them having those annoying things.

I did a big change of bedding and nest boxes at the start and also shook a bit of pestine around the lid of the bin and around the ground to make sure if there was any still around they could make a comeback

3 Isa brown chicks, the decission is made

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After much discussions about bantams, isa’s egg production egg sizes the decision is made after playing with a few Isa Browns they are calm enough for the kids to play with yet they lay lots of eggs and big ones at that

So three eggs a day it is once they start laying of course

We picked them up today and the kids wanted to keep them inside, after much discussions the decision was made to let them have a roam around in their coop, and as they loved it so much i convinced the kids they needed to stay outside

I will post some pics soon

Chicken coop time on the queens birthday weekend

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The queens birthday long weekend gives me a great chance to start this DIY project to build the chicken coop.
The chicken coop plans are all done its now time to start to put it all together.
I lay out all the materials i have and get the circular saw and all the other tools i need out.
My Son decides he wants to help so i give him a few small tasks to do while i cut the lengths i need, while im doing that he asks, when can we get the chickens can we get them today ! I explain that we cant get the chickens today as we have to use the plans that we have to build the chicken hutch before we can buy the chickens, where will they sleep i ask him? He offered his room but i convinced him that wouldn’t be a good idea

The timber lengths were cut and I start to do a heap of mitre cuts so we can join the chicken coop floor and walls together. I give my 7 year old a hammer and a chisel and show him how to clean out the cuts, he does it with ease this is going to be good

Between the two of us we manage to follow the chicken coop plans and get to the stage we need to put it all together so i pull out some screw and some trusty liquid nails for extra support and we are ready to go

After about an hour we get it all glued and screwed and decide that is enough for the day, then the kids stand back looka t it and say can we buy the chickens yet ? Ahh the kids are still chicken crazy


What chicken is best or kids?

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So now the chicken decission has been made while i look for coop plans and ideas  I needed to work out where to buy some chooks and then which chicken is best for kids?

I didn’t realise there was so many types of chickens to choose from there is Australorps, light sussex, Rhode Island Reds, leghorns, Silkie, Laced Barnevelder, Wyandotte, bantams, isa browns  and they are just the ones my freiends either curently have or have had before.

One friend finaly made a comment that made perfect sense, what do you want them for pets or eggs and do you want the kids to play with the chickens ?

And the answer was yes to all fo the above yes we wanted chickens as pets, and yes we wanted eggs as there is no point having chickens if they wont give us enough eggs and the kids will want to play with and im sure the dog will to !!!

SO i have asked some freinds what they think is best and am waiting on the answer from a few more but it looks like isa browns or bantoms mabyee i could get some of each :-)

I will keep you posted

The chicken idea takes flight, do they fly ?

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The fun begins, the children have decided that we need chickens !!! How the kids decided they need chickes is sort of my fault but thats covered in the why am I building a chicken coop page.

My wife has now also admitted defeat and we are now looking at how we are going find chickens where we are going to house these chickens and what is really involved in looking after chickens, people have been doing it for thousands of years it cant be that hard can it ?

Why am i writing this chicken coop blog

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I am writting here to keep people up to date on the process of deciding to get chickens all the way through to when we actually get some and then where they live

The reason we are getting chickens well thats a long story about why do we need a chicken coop but I have put the detials here and remember there is some things not to say when your kids are around unless you have every intention of doing it :-)

Chicken houses sheds or coops whatever you want to call them  is what i will be looking at for a while while we go about getting our back yard ready

Plans to build a chicken coop