Chickens seem to have lice or mites

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We have come back from a few days away and gone in to clean out the chicken coop and the chickens didnt look to happy

After a closer inspection I have noticed a few small black dots running around on the chickens and in the droppings tray under the perch.

Apparently we have has some rain some heat and humid conditions looks like it must have been the perfect conditions so now we have the beginnings of an infestation of some sort

I have checked the dogs and they are fine no worries at all so it is confined to the chicken coop.

After  a quick trip up to the local rural supply shop  i have grabbed some pestine.

This stuff is great I have dusted the girls, not that they were to happy with that and have sprinkled it around the coop, The best words of advise i got from an old guy i chatted to a while ago if you spread it through  the hay/shavings in the nesting box when the chickens kick and shuffle it around they will help cover themselves with the pestine which will make sure the pests be it lice or mites are all gone and stay that way.

I didn’t work out if they were mites or lice or what the difference is between the two but the best part is this stuff works a treat

I also gave the dogs a shake as well just to be sure as we dont want them having those annoying things.

I did a big change of bedding and nest boxes at the start and also shook a bit of pestine around the lid of the bin and around the ground to make sure if there was any still around they could make a comeback

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