Where is building chicken coop up to ?

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I have been busy so i haven’t been able to spend as much time looking at building the chicken coop as i would have liked. But in saying that i visited the mother in laws the other day and picked up two sheets of roofing for the chicken coop, i searched the rest of the nocks and crannies for any more materials that i could use. Unfortunately at this stage all i can rind is the roofing for the hen house.

But working on the plans is a bit of an issue working out what i can fit best way to make it so that it is functional, easy to clean and comfortable for the chickens but most important of all i need to make sure the kids can get in there and enjoy them after all thats why we are doing it (oh and for the eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner :-) )

I have been doing some more searching of the internt to see what i can find so i can build the best of breed chicken hutch, or at least something im happy to look at. I will keep you posted what i find
Happy chicken hutch building

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Plans to build a chicken coop