Checking out some mates chicken coop set ups

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Over the last week i have decided to looka t a few mates who have chciken coops set up so see how they house their chickens.
First stop was a few days ago i went to see a friend who lives on 5 acres, driving int he drive way there was chickens walking everywhere, for theirs they have built a lean to ont he side of their shed it is huge, actually huge is an understatement, it houses 20+ isa browns and a few bantams but it is a bit big for my liking, a great setup but just that bit to big. it was a basic set up colour bond roof with a few nesting boxes bolted on the back of it.
Yesterday i went to a mates house to see his his chook house set up, the kids were running around not realising the had chickens until one jumped down off the picket fence and scarred the kids. they are now back on the we want chicken campaign so i really have to get my act into gear now
They have a metal shed type at oen end of the yard but they also had one of the new ebay ones at the other end, it was their newest editon to the back yard. I looked it over to see how the ebay one stands up, it was ok but the biggest issue was the size it was pretty small and thats what the ebay sellers recommend for 4 chooks, i would have only put 1 chicken in there or maybe 2 bantams it was pretty small.

So now that i have worked out the ebay ones arent going to suit its back to researching the best way to house the chickens so i can build a chicken coop

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Plans to build a chicken coop